Our Moral Hypocrisy

One of the most absurd side shows at the American Circus today is the moral posturing of Hollywood, social warriors, politicians, et al.  Perhaps it isn’t anything new.  Hypocrisy is an age old human practice.  Henry David Thoreau, the great proponent of self-reliance made his mother do his laundry.  Our founding fathers wrote in no uncertain terms that all men are created equal and have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  A little over a hundred years later we fought a civil war to, amongst other things, free the slaves.  Last I checked slaves have little liberty and not much happiness.

But our current crop of social elites have elevated hypocrisy to an art form.  They are so shrill, vehement, and intolerant that it would appear they are trying to drown out the voice of their own conscience by sheer volume.  Say it loud enough and long enough and you win, right?

The global warming gang, Gore, DiCaprio, etc. are telling us that we will all soon be under water while their own carbon footprint is legendary.  If they truly believed that carbon emissions were dooming us, wouldn’t they cut back themselves?  (Clue: follow the money.)

The Hollywood set is big on gun control while the body count in their movies keeps rising.  They say that their violence is art.  Violence is violence no matter what you call it.  They are also currently morally outraged about the abuses of the producers couch (#metoo) but they can’t seem to make a movie that isn’t filled with sexuality even when it does nothing to advance the storyline.  The rule of thumb in movie making is make sure there is at least one gratuitous sex scene per movie.

There is a great hue and cry among the social warriors about Black lives mattering while not one of their voices is lifted about the horrifying Black on Black murder rates of our inner cities.  I absolutely believe Black lives matter as do White lives, Hispanic lives, Asian lives, and FETAL LIVES (the most profound genocide in history).  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, targeted Blacks for abortion.  Why doesn’t the BLM picket Planned Parenthood?

Now, lest you think I consider myself above the fray, I count myself among humanity with the same potential for duplicity.  I can be loveless when I am called to love even my enemies.  I can be selfish when I am called to die to self.  I can be ungrateful when I am blessed.  Unfortunately, the sin nature is our constant companion.  Nelson Mandela said, “One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself”.

At the end of the day, Paul the apostle, drawing on the wisdom literature of the Psalms and Ecclesiastes said, “There is none righteous, no, not one.”  So in the end, all moral posturing has an element of hypocrisy as there is truly no one who is so without sin that they can cast the first stone…except Jesus!!!  He is our only hope of true righteousness, righteousness that exceeds the scribes and pharisees, righteousness that replaces our sinful nature, righteousness that gets deep inside you and makes you hunger and thirst after righteousness, which He then satisfies.  When you are honest enough to see your own sin and unrighteousness, you are taking your first step on the road to transformation.  We all need repentance.  We all need redemption.  We all need the righteousness that can only be had in Christ.


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