Ponder Point

ponder [verb] :

  1. To consider something deeply and thoroughly meditate
  2. To weigh carefully in the mind, consider thoughtfully
  3. To think about something carefully, esp.  before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.

I named this page Ponder Point after the place depicted in Berkeley Breathed’s classic comic strip Bloom County, which is sadly no longer a syndicated feature in the papers. The various characters of that strip would be found sitting in the amber glow of sunset, under a tree, next to a sign that read “Ponder Point”, gazing off across the fields below, lost in thought, pondering the point. Unfortunately this much needed exercise in contemplative thought has been sacrificed to our 7 second sound bites, 160 character text messages, 2.4 second ASLs (average scene length in movies), web surfing, channel surfing, speed dating, multi-tasking, cell phone calling, baby crying, gym membership-ing, traffic negotiating, sixty hour work week. The most appropriate adjective to apply to this generation is distracted. Who has time to ponder anymore?

In fact, we have lost the ability to ponder. The natural result of the frenetic pace of modern living is that our thought processes become a mile wide and an inch deep. Who has the time or mental energy to try to suss out the meaning of life, love, death, God, or anything else of any real consequence when we are overwhelmed with the million details necessary to keep up with a world functioning at 300,000 kilometers per second (the fundamental speed of the conveyance of electronic data)? Who reads poetry or literature anymore? Who reads the Bible anymore? Who reads anymore? (One of the criticisms of this website that I received was that it is too wordy. People won’t take the time to read it.)

If the most important things in life require some deep thought, and no one has time to think, then everything becomes trivialized and irrelevant. If I cannot ponder what is important than I am left with a life filled with what is unimportant.

I have been told by countless people that they don’t have time for church. My response is always the same: if you are too busy for God, then you are too busy! And don’t even try to dodge the bullet with the separation of God and church. That mentality is the consequence of ankle deep religion and Bible illiteracy. But of course, if you don’t have time for church, you don’t have time for the Bible, or thought, or God, or life, or anything else of consequence. Ponder that.




6 thoughts on “Ponder Point

  1. Timothy L. Henderson says:

    I was here being nosey!

    Love your website, it looks really nice!

  2. gslamb says:

    Thanks Tim.

  3. Richard & Rachal Garcia says:

    Amen Pastor Lamb!
    It was a Wholly Spirit filled serman which brought my rebellious teenage Daughter to tears & answered the alter call
    We love you Pastor lamb thanks for the powerful message

  4. Claude says:

    I try to encourage people to make even a small beginning. Psalms 1 was a great start for me. It’s short and easy to remember and meditate on.

  5. Kimberley Edgell says:

    I was googling churches in Las Vegas as I have just moved here recently and was looking for a church. I reviewed several before coming across yours. I was taken by your ponder point. That is exactly what has been on my mind the last month or so. It was like God told me this is where I should come. I will be at your service. Thank you.

  6. Benjamin Cross says:

    Ponder, 2020 we have had much time to ponder on things but the most important thing to me was my relationship with the Holy Spirit and the relationships that were affecting my life to that relationship with Jesus Christ.Thank you, Pastor Lamb for showing a Christ-like life.

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