Kevin & Tiffany Williams


Kevin & Tiffany Williams

Youth Director and Pastor in Training


My name is Kevin Williams I’m 34 yrs old, Im originally from a small town in Georgia. My childhood was ok I would say. My mother is my joy.  She did all she could  to make sure we had what we needed. My father was there but we never really established that father-son bond.  I grew up quick, given the freedom to go out and roam at a young age.  I saw things that taught me valuable lessons in life.

My early remembrance as a youngster was waking up to my uncle cooking up crack and cutting up cocaine in my mom’s house.  I can remember transporting large amounts of drugs for him when I was in the 6th grade. I pretty much was raised around drugs all my life, and seeing my uncle go in and out of jail (mostly in) changed my whole perspective on getting involved in drug dealing, even though I still dabbled in it from time to time. When I graduated from high school I said I would see if I could find work, but a few jobs later, I never could find anything that would stick. I eventually found myself waiting on my mother to get home with her paycheck, to give me money and that wasn’t right,  so it was off to Las Vegas I went, to live with my older brother. He and his wife allowed me to stay with them on the condition that I would attend community college. I never was into the school thing. I was just happy to make it out of high school.  So I spent most of my nights and weekends partying and ended up dropping out of school.  Then tension began to develop between me and my brother and he eventually  ended up putting me out. That’s where my life started to get more out of control. I began to drink more and smoke lots of weed, while at the same time living a promiscuous life style, something that started when I was younger but became more aggressive as I got older, not to mention being in a bigger city (more variety). I lived a selfish lifestyle I would say. I would be in one relationship but would have two or three more women on the side.

By now I had met my wife, Tiffany, but at the time we would always argue. We never really got along unless we were drinking or out partying and it got to the point that I became stressed out and found myself having to drink to fall asleep.  On top of that, Tiffany had grown tired and threatened to leave with our daughter. She said if we were going to work as a couple, we would have to find a church.  So I prayed to God that he would guide me to a good church and it just so happened one day as I was at Lorenzi park watching my kids from a previous relationship practice football/cheerleading, that I was approached by Larry Shomo.  He began to share the gospel with me and tell me how much Jesus loved me and how he died for me.  Then  he confronted me with a question I couldn’t answer.  He asked me where did I think I would go if I was to die that day.  That got me to do some real thinking. He lead me in a sinner’s prayer and invited us out to church, where we heard the gospel preached like never before.

Five years later my family and I are locked and loaded and sold out for Jesus Christ.  It isn’t religion. It’s something I can’t describe with words. Jesus came into my life and fixed my life. He delivered me from every addiction I had.  I’m with one woman for the first time ever in my life and I’m enjoying it!  It’s only by His blood that I’m at where I’m at today, Jesus Christ changed my life and he can do the same for you.