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Tired of Christianity that isn't Christianity? We are a church that walks the walk.


My wife, Gail, and I would like to invite you to come worship the incredible, life-changing Lord Jesus Christ with us.  If you’re tired of religious clichés and anonymous, consumer driven, mega-church hype, then maybe you ought to try coming back to the Bible.  God really does have the power to revolutionize your life and His Word will energize your soul.  Don’t take my word for it.  Come and see.








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There is a school of thought that says, "If there is a God, He is uninvolved in the affairs of men". Happily countless thousands of ten thousands can tell of a completely different experience. Jeremiah was one such person. God showed him a potter shaping and reshaping a piece of clay into a beautiful vessel. He told Jeremiah that this is how He works in the lives of His people, painstakingly coaxing beauty out of failure, sin, and brokeness. At the Potter's House Church there are hundreds of stories of God's personal involvement in the lives of common people, sinners saved by grace. We invite you to take a few minutes, examine these pages, check out some of their stories. You might even find Jesus for yourself, if you don't know Him already. Then you might want to join us as we serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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    Out Of Darkness

    April 10th @ 8pm

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    Our Ministries

    In addition to what you've already seen, we have several other ministries to meet your needs and to be a blessing to you.